St Valentine’s day is approaching and the question of what to do to demonstrate, with special details, all the love that we feel for our beloved ones start populating our mind. It is a fact that life is composed by beautiful moments shared with special people, so let’s take advantage of this romantic occasion of the year to elaborate a plan full of meaningful details.

It is said that love enters through the kitchen, but fortunately, you don’t need to wear a Chef suit and prepare hard-to-make recipes. In Miami you have an ally, Bonjour with a real French touch. Whether you visit our store or order through our delivery service, exquisite food just can’t miss in your Valentine’s plan.

Once you have chosen the comfy place to spend time with your true love, the next step is to decide the kind of food you want for your special occasion. As we know this can turn into a difficult step we can help with some ideas:

1.     Sweet pastries or cakes. In Bonjour we design unique desserts, very provocative, shiny and heart-shaped with the most demanded French pastry recipes. We have to admit that we really enjoy the Valentines season to activate our creativity in the dessert line of products. You can bet this choice is going to be a blast with your significant other.

2.     Breakfast. For out of the galaxy breakfast Bonjour is the place. You can choose among our Croque Madame, Croque Monsieur, French toast, most famous kind of eggs preparations, or the classic combinations of granola-yogurt, if you don’t want to step aside of the fitness trend.

3.     Salty options. If you are really going serious with this special date, our Chef can pander to almost all tastes. From crepes to salads, soups or French specialties dishes. It’s all about finding the perfect match according to the plan to follow.

Love is in the air, but it is in Bonjour as well. If you want more personalized suggestion, just call us (786- 534.8141) and we will provide details of our deliciousness.

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