Every year on February 14th couples, sweethearts and even close friends all around the world are gearing up to celebrate their love. So by these times, many have to face the big question “What to gift?” Would he or she like this? Do I need a big budget to please my Valentine? Would this be enough for the occasion?
Yes, there are many different answers for those questions as many different people on the Earth. What you truly should have in mind is that the essence of the day is not centered in the present you gift, but in the love and feeling you want to express, how loved your partner feels with the gesture you had to reinforce the importance and significance of the presence of that special person in your life.
So, stressed the important part, let’s move on to the ideas for celebrating a relationship. In Bonjour we believe in small details and of course in edible gift that let you good standing. Here is our selection:

• Chocolate box
So nice, charming and good looking, it’s a present full of flavor and feelings. There are small ones, medium and big ones. The choice relies in the level of “passion for chocolate” the receiver has.

• Heart shaped cake
It’s not a classic, since not everyone elaborates fancy, good looking heart shaped cakes. When we think of a cake we imagine regular round cakes that are more suitable for birthday parties rather Valentine’s Day, but you can be favorable surprised with selection of stunning heart shaped cakes and tarts we are elaborating for this occasion. All are truly pieces of arts and your beloved one will get speechless.

• Romantic dinner
Sharing a significant time around a special dinner is always a gesture well appreciated. Our French chef is always willing to prepare exquisite dishes that breaks the routine and let the lovers feel closer.

• Tickets for a show
Music is a fantastic conductor of love, so sharing a musical show is a great way to celebrate, not only for couples, but also is a good fit for friends and families united by the most important bond, love. On Feb 14th Bonjour is presenting Boleros Night, a show performed by the well-known Venezuelan actresses Elba Escobar y Flor Núñez. If you want to make a reservation for this show (that includes dinner with wine) just call 786- 534-8141.

• Jewerly
Particularly women appreciate this kind of gifts, for choosing a piece take in mind something that represent her personality. Remember her that you aware of her value and recognize that she is unique.

Whether you choose something big or small, expensive or not, just wrap it with all your love and let your feelings flow.

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