Our fruit desserts are as beautiful as they are colorful!

If you want a dessert that is perfect for every occasion, desserts with fruits are the best choice! We have a wide variety to choose from. All made with the freshest ingredients and the attention to detail that characterizes Bonjour.

Or top 5 favorites are:


Our Frassier usually flies off the shelves.

Strawberries and mousseline cream with a touch of grand marnier spread between two lays of genoise cake. If you try it, you are sure to love it.

Lemon Pie:

Lemon Cream made with real lemon on a homemade almond tart topped off with some lovely merengue.

Fruit Tart:

Few things are as beautiful as a mix of colors these fresh fruits and berries provide.

Mix of fresh fruits on a homemade almond tart and our pastry cream

Strawberry Tart:

Who doesn’t love strawberries?

Fresh strawberries on a homemade almond tart and our delicate pastry cream make this tart a fan favorite.

Passion Fruit Mousse Cake:

The intense flavor of passion fruit converted into a spectacular mousse cake. For those who want something different, this cake is a showstopper.

Do you feel hungry after reading this article? Come to Bonjour! We will wait for you!

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