Bonbon, a cute little word. Those little pieces of chocolate that come in many shapes and fillings are commonly related to love, pleasure and seduction.

The word originated from the French language in the 17th century. The name bonbon arose from the reduplication of the word bon, meaning ‘good’ in French, and it’s said that the first ones were made at the French royal court.

The art of making bonbons has evolved with the time and nowadays many experimental combinations are seen as innovative practices by chocolatiers who want to impress their audiences and differentiate in the market with unique proposals.

One of the latest trends is coloring and decorating the shells so, no more bonbons are only brown (from light to dark) but a rainbow of colors can be applied to the typically brown cocoa. It makes them look appealing and increasing the sense of temptation for discovering the inside.

It’s just in the fillings where there’s a new chance for variation, from the classic ganache, a delicious mixture of cream and chocolate, bonbons can be filled with chocolate mixed with fruit puree, caramel, liquor, trail mix, nut pastes, and so on.

The idea of having a box with a variety of bonbons and bite one by one to discover its filling, it’s like a kids game to satisfy our deepest curiosity.

We jump now into the shapes. Rounded, squares, hearts, leaves, flowers, eggs, animals… is almost endless the quantity of different molds to shape chocolate. This is another opportunity for the chocolatier to play with his or her imagination and create their own masterpieces.

One of the products that best adorns the Bonjour showcase are the bonbons. Coloring is one of our favorite parts when creating theses confections and we now our clients adore the beauties created, and there’s no way to erase a big smile from the face of somebody who receives a box of bonbons from Bonjour. And that’s the best reward we can receive.

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