We usually eat our desserts after a heavy meal, but these are so tasty that we could eat them at any time.

There is nothing better than starting the day with a good breakfast that we love, then, why not do it with our favorite sweets from time to time?

Look at these French desserts that we love to have breakfast with:

– Crepes: sweet pancakes filled with chocolate, vanilla, caramels or fruit, as you prefer, are amazing as breakfast to start a happy day.

– Opera cake:if you enjoy a good coffee in the morning and also the sweet taste of chocolate, what can be better than to eat a cake that combines both flavors?

– Financier: its smooth texture and sweetness make this dessert simple but very delicious. With a hot chocolate or coffee in the morning, it is an incredible breakfast option.

– Palmiers:are tasty puff pastry delight, heart-shaped and sugar-coated that makes a great combination with a coffee in the mornings.

– Pain au chocolat: a viennoiserie sweet roll consisting of one or two pieces of dark chocolate in the centre. Many people love to have breakfast with a Pain au chocolat.

– Beverages: another way to give a sweet touch to our breakfasts is with a sweet beverage. It can be a fruit juice, a tea, a delicious coffee or a hot chocolate.

Do you enjoy any of these sweet breakfasts or do you prefer savory breakfasts?

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