When we are kids the idea of having a snack has a lot of relevance. Kids must be well fed, filled with energy and healthy food for their proper development.

Adults think of snacks more like time for relax and pleasure, to chat with a good friend, a significant other or simply to put aside the daily routine tasks.

Whatever the importance you concede to snack time, just the idea of having a small meal that breaks the daily routine bring happiness to your day.

Here are some good ideas for gratifying your palate and draw a big smile in your face:

  • Mirlintone, a puff pastry tart with a mix of fresh red berries. Fruits are healthy food that provides a lot of energy and make a great combination with pastries.
  • Chouquettes, cream puffs covered with crunchy nuggets of sugar. You have to eat many of these to get satisfied.
  • Palmiers, also known as Elephant Ears, made from puff pastry and sugar, these are slightly sweet, but crunchy a lot.
  • Cannelés, small biscuits from the French city of Bordeaux, they have a smooth interior and a caramelized crust exterior.
  • Financiers, small French almond cake, light and moist with a crisp. We love to bake them with fresh berries.
  • Tiger’s Eyes, delicious spongy cookies filled with a cream of chocolate that resembles the eyes of a tiger.
  • Coconut cookies, the fruit of paradise and beaches can’t be out of the roster, especially in a city like Miami, they’re just delicious for a funny afternoon.

We are plenty of options in Bonjour for having a snack, for sure you have your favorite already identified, but taking this pieces of heaven to your mouth in a break of the day, would definitely make your day happier.

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