Every morning thousands of freshly baked, warm, ham filled cachitos fly off the trays as Kendall awakens.

Together with a cup of coffee, they are the perfect breakfast on the go. These hand held little miracles have fueled many morning commutes and early meetings.

They are simple, portable, affordable, and delicious!

It is hard to improve upon perfection… however, we can create a different version of perfection. Our own version. A savory, rich, meaty, decadent version of perfection you are unlikely to find elsewhere!

Our ham, prosciutto, and bacon cachitos have become a fan favorite for good reason. The savory prosciutto and the rich bacon balance perfectly with the sweetness of the dough.

Next time you need breakfast on the go, stop by Bonjour and grab a few of these wonderful little miracles. Take some for your friends and family and spread the joy.

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