French gastronomy is one of the most famous and recognized in the world for its delicious ingredients and impeccable technique used in cooking. That’s why we leave you some facts that maybe you didn’t know about French gastronomy


The Croissant is French, but it was born from a mockery. The Turkish army attacked Vienna and the bakers raised the alarm. After defeating the enemy, they prepared some loaves of crescent-shaped bread, as a mockery of the Turkish flag.


Merengue had already been invented. It is said that it was in Switzerland, but according to stories, became popular in the court of King Louis XV, because Queen Marie Antoinette liked it. “If the people do not have bread, give them cakes”.

French Fries

It is said that French Fries  were created when some street vendors were left without fish to fry and they had to use what they had, which were potatoes. On the other hand the legend also tells that Thomas Jefferson during his stay as American ambassador in Paris, he called them “french fries”.

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