French cuisine is present world wide almost every time a chef prepares a meal. This is due to the amount of culinary techniques that have been attributed to the French. For example, the preparation of sauces, jams or melting chocolate easily, using the Bain-Marie technique.

When we chop vegetables we also include French techniques when cutting, such as cane and julienne cuts. When cutting herbs and leaves we use the Chiffonade technique.

On the other hand, boiled vegetables such as onion soup, are a classic of French cuisine that has gradually traveled the world.

One of the most recent trends is the use Sous-Vide. This is a method of slowly and precisely cooking foods that have been vacuum sealed. This method allows for consistent results and tender meat due to the fact that the food cooks in its own juices.

French cuisine has not only spread around the world it has also elevated the cuisines of all the countries it has reached.

Our chefs are French and they are here for you… To delight you!!!

Yes, to give you their attention and their French specialties.

All Our food has a French stamp from the hands of these wonderful pastry chefs. Giving us their magic every day in their dishes, sweets,breads and delicacies. Their ingenuity, magic, creativity give rise to what is now Bonjour Baker

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