Breakfast is well known as the most important meal of the day. A meal, that is not recommended to be skipped under any circumstance, is the one that provides you energy for the day and helps to focus to get done your daily tasks.

People who eats breakfast have healthier lifestyles, better memory and concentration, lower chances of getting diabetes and heart diseases, according to many studies that link eating breakfast to good health.

Still beyond the reasons related with health, eating a good breakfast can be a pleasant moment to start the day, therefore you not only kick-starts your metabolism but your happiness and sense of well-being as well.

As we are a French bakery delights of French cuisine can be found in our place, from the classic croissant to a fancy Vol Au Vent. The beginning of the day can be filled with plenty of pleasure, by having a meal worthy of royalty.

Here are some options of our menu for your majesty:

Croque Monsieur: Sandwich bread, béchamel sauce, pork ham, butter and French cheese browned.

Croque Madame: Croque Monsieur with fried egg on the top.

Quiches (Lorraine, Veggie, Spinach): a kind of salty tart of pastry crust filled with a mixture of eggs, cream, and other savoury.

Meurette Eggs: Eggs poached in red wine sauce with bacon, mushroom, echalote with brioche, coffee and orange juice.

American Eggs: Eggs to taste with bacon, sausage and sautéed potatoes with toasted bread.

Benedictine Eggs: Two poached eggs dipped in Dutch sauce on a toasted brioche, coffee and orange juice.

Croissant or French toast, two eggs, coffee and orange juice.

It is a fact that you need food in your system long before lunchtime, but having this kind of breakfasts is not only having fuel for body, but fuel for your soul, and feeling like the King/Queen of good life.

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