By these days many boys and girls from our Latin Catholic families are getting prepared to receive what Pope Francis has called the “Sacrament of Love”, the First Holy Communion.

This Eucharist, which constitute the initiation of the Christian and Church life is a big deal for the children and an exciting event for the whole family. It is such a holy, joyful occasion and all families want to be prepared for the celebration, where relatives and friends are invited to take part of.

As long as the essence of the celebration is not lost among the parties and gifts, taking care of all details for this special day for our daughters and sons demonstrate the support and relevance we give to our believes in the faith.

So, having a good planification for those families wanting to have a celebration of any kind is essential. And for parties and gatherings of any size food is a key element to take on count.

In Bonjour we are ahead of the curve pâtissiers and love to provide excellent cakes and pastries for our friend’s celebrations.

The cake is a central piece of the party that deserves special attention. There’s a variety of flavors and decorations available for this theme, but if you’re looking for something different, really tasteful and that be a jewel from the French pastry, Bonjour is the must go place. Our professional pâtissiers can elaborate fresh fancy cakes for the occasion that will be praised by all.

Also petit fours, cookies, macarons, chocolate bonbons, biscuits and salty catering pastries are part of our offering for your celebration.

Remember is really important to choose only fresh, well-prepared food if you want to delight all your guests, because one of the things you best enjoy and appreciate from a celebration is the food, the cake, appetizer, finger food and beverages. Be selective and rely on the best professionals to help you make your special day a big success.

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