It is said that in the 19th century, before the era of the supermarkets, most Americans avoided wasting food, so if you had scraps of chicken, beef, ham or fish, those leftover would be mixed with mayonnaise and served next day on lettuce for lunch.

Amid this situation women became more active in the public life, they started to be an important part of the work force and lunch restaurants came up with new ideas to cater this new clientele. As office lunch hours has time limits, serve the ladies home food -often those mentioned salads- between breads turned into a smart solution to speed up table turnover and encouraged to get lunch to go as well.

As the time has passed the sandwich became more and more popular and a lot variations have arisen.

In Bonjour we have a quite exquisite menu of sandwiches, the classical options with a twist of sophistication, with the personal touch of our master chef that make them unique. As there are variety of preferences we are going to give us the right to suggest some of our favorites. Here it goes!

Mediterraneo: Serrano ham, Manchego Cheese echalot, mustard, mayo apple & greens

Pirineo: Chorizo, Manchego cheese, tomato, olive oil & basil sauce

Prosciutto: Prosciutto, confit tomatoes, greens pesto, provolone cheese, olive oil, balsamic vinegar.

Provence: Prosciutto, salami, smoked ham, swiss cheese, pesto, confit tomatoes and greens.

Roast Beef: Roast Beef, red onions, tomatoes, greens, swiss cheese & sauce.

Healthy: Roast Turkey Breast, smoked cheddar, cranberry marmalade, mustard old style and greens.

Caprese: Burrata, confits and fresh tomatoes, extra virgen oil, fresh basil and basil pesto.

Tenderloin Deluxe: Tenderloin is Strogonoff sauce, paprika, mushrooms and cream with gratin cheese.

Chicken Deluxe: Ragout of chicken, mushrooms and cream with gratin cheese.

In Bonjour we have turned the antique solution for a middle class who needed a fast and healthy option to lunch against clock, into the art of mixing high quality ingredients and put them into a home-made bread. The output? A really chic taste-full sandwich. Are you going to miss it?

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