Pastries are among the most popular food that everyone has tested, and choices of favorites are as different as unique personalities exist in the world.

From grandparent’s favorite recipes to childhood gustatory memory there’s a corner of your heart that belong to that special sweet piece of dough, butter and a combination of ingredients, that can become in an endless list.

But the competitive advantage of pastries is large variety of situations and occasions that they can accompany. Let’s say you have a big celebration, beside the cake you must have pastries. If the occasion is a private meeting with beloved friends, it provides the perfect excuse to share some pastries served with a cup of coffee on the side. But now let’s say you have a meeting at the office with some colleagues to discuss a new business strategy, if you serve few popular pastries the moment becomes more enjoyable.

In Bonjour we feel passion for pastries and our Pâtissier prepares the most famous in the world. If you only know that you genuinely love them but are not familiarized with the names or recipes, here is a few list of what you can find in our store to share with family and friends or to take away for on-site meetings:

Madeleines: are very small sponge cakes with a distinctive shell-like shape.

Financiers: is a small French almond cake, flavoured with beurre noisette, baked in a small rectangular mold with a shape of a gold bar.

Canneles: small biscuits of cylindrical appearance with striated edges. Its exterior is caramelized and not crunchy while the interior is soft and rubbery.

Palmiers: puff pastry and sugar in a palm leaf shape or a butterfly shape. They are also known as elephant ears.

Chouquettes: a type of Choux pastry dough sprinkled with pearl sugar, crispy on the outside and tender inside.

The list extent to brownies, cookies, Tiger’s Eyes and more. The most important is that you will always can find them fresh and ready to have a protagonist role in your special moment.

Come to Bonjour and enjoy!

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