With sugar running through his veins

Eric Buffenoir

Our Chef

“This professed admirer of pastry chef Eric Buffenoir Thuries was born in the Blue Coast of France, and the aromas that sweetened his life from the start came from the ovens where his father, a lifelong pastry chef, baked his delights from dawn to dusk.

His heart was struck with pastry baking from a young age. Being only 7 years old, he already played the baker with a small rolling pin fashioned by his amused father, who motivated his talent. Every year during summer, when the locals embraced the arrival of tourists, were spent in the family bakery, for there was a higher demand for sweets and desserts. With the baker’s artistry running through his veins, at the young age of twelve he decided to formally pursue a career as a pastry maker: he would become one, just as his father. Three years of studies opened up a world of possibilities in the mind of a youngster, who divided his time between the family business and other recognized local bakeries.

It was during his job on a cruise where he learned what it meant to please the tastes of hundreds of tourists on board. After two labor intense years, the ship would arrive at its destiny in South America, Venezuela. The Port of La Guaira welcomed Buffenoir in 1988, who had already heard of the country and, putting fears aside, went searching for his next post; many important hotels recognized his talent and work.

Years later, he arrived to Valencia, where he decided to start new projects and stay for good. In 1994, he fancied opening a new restaurant, named La Flor de France, which later grew to be relocated in a new locale, becoming Pasteleria Chantilly, a place that quickly captivated customers thanks to the quality of its emblematic French pastry goods.

In 2013 he traveled to France to update his knowledge and learn about new Gallic culinary trends, and spent two years studying and developing a new concept, the Bistro-Bakery.”

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