If you’re looking for something different for lunch time and you are frequently wondering what can you have for lunch, our cooks can pleasantly surprise you.

Bonjour restaurant is located in West Kendall, so you can stop by at lunch hour for a gourmet meal, or you can use our delivery service to get your order at home or office.

Five gourmet dishes are served from Monday to Friday. So get prepared to enjoy your lunch time more than ever.

Special by day:

Monday: Chicken breast with Carbonara spaghetti.

Tuesday: Chicken Cordon Blue with mashed potatoes.

Wednesday: stewed lamb with vegetables and rice.

Thursday: meet lasagna at Bonjour style.

Friday: grating white fish (lenguado) with shrimp cooked in white sauce.

Having time constraints for preparing tasty-healthy meals for lunch has become more frequent. With so many tasks to fulfill throughout the day, preparing recipes for lunch could be out of the options. Fortunately, there are growing options for those with lunch hours limit, but still, people complain about eating the same kind of food always.

In Bonjour we are not the typical restaurant with a large menu for lunch, instead, we focus in preparing one special meal, different for every working-day. So we can guarantee that this is a fresh unique preparation that our chefs strive to prepare. But is not a fast food assembled mechanically, is a special dish thought for making your lunch time a relaxing time.

Good meals open big doors. The plan could be sharing a relaxing time with coworkers in order to develop closer relationships or having a pleasant time with a client or prospectus for presenting our ideas. Eating with a good companion is always an opportunity to spend a quality time.

If you are around West Kendall and want to twist your lunch time routine, come to Bonjour or order calling to 786 534-8141. You will see how your perspective of the tasks of the day will change and as a result you will have a more productive day.

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