Just few days to close the year and start 2019 with much encouragement, hope and good vibes. We only have to thank everything that this year 2018 was in our kitchens.

Kitchens that will be closed the first day of 2019, but because we don’t want to leave you without a great taste in your mouth, good memories of our flavors and aromas, we invite you to stop by our bakery and take home our iconic ‘Torta Negra’ or our aromatic Fruit Bread.

We know that on the morning of January 1st you will be tired and you will not want to cook, it will also surely be a day to remember the year that has gone and start planning the new one. Therefore we consider that a good way to start this new adventure called 2019 is with a great piece of cake or bread and coffee.

Our ‘Torta Negra’ is a fabulous choice if you want something very sweet for breakfast, this cake contains almonds, nuts, hazelnuts, prunes, candied fruits, black raisins, cherries, cocoa and orange liqueur, and rum.

Torta Negra it’s a perfect after the holidays keep remembering the festivity. The best thing about this chocolate-based cake is that you can buy it now, freeze it and then eat it during any month of the year 2019.

On the other hand, our fruit bread is prepared all the time but this has something peculiar that makes it part of the Christmas mood. Maybe it’s the aroma of a feast … this product has a vibe between Thanksgiving and Christmas that will undoubtedly make you feel very cheer up during the first days of the year 2019. With a cup of freshly brewed coffee in the morning or for a snack at afternoons, definitely is fantastic.

We have many more options for you, so just stop by our bakery and choose what you want most to continue enjoying the real French flavor from the first day of the year.

Happy New Year and bon appetit!

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