Ultimate dining experiencie like no other: our modern fusion cuisine


It’s almost a fantasy to stand in front of a shop window adorned with sweets that speak of a tradition brought from far away, across a whole ocean so like the grandeur of France, the occidental cradle of pastry making.

From South America to Miami, a pioneer Frenchman and his group, leaving behind a legacy of experience and the development of new tendencies, decided to export all their work, confident that it will also become a new tendency in this great city.

Today, at the onset of 2016, a new chapter of this sweet dream opens: making the most demanding palates fall in love with products that blend French flavors and Caribbean aromas for a multicultural and constantly developing city, Miami; our aim, to be the meeting point for different culinary cultures and traditions.

Pastry Shop

“Bonjour is a fusion between a Bistro and a Pastry shop, where you are invited to enjoy a novel concept, High-End French Pastry, mixed with our exquisite daily specials.
Bonjour is a relatively new offer that arrives to Miami, a cosmopolitan city with a promising gastronomical future.

Inspired in Parisian pastry traditions, Bonjour Bistro-Pattiserie presents simple, delicious and elegant cuisine in a very contemporary environment.

Bonjour is characterized by the quality of its raw materials, using natural, exquisite and honest products upfront, respecting the traditional flavors but innovating in the way they are presented.”

Our Experiencie

“In the development of high-range products and an endless number of successfully proven recipes will be the appetizer for each person that visits our shop, so that he or she leaves with the best culinary experience from the land of the Eiffel Tower.

A blend of a few streets of the French Blue Coast, birthplace of our pastry chef, and a few coffee shops of contemporary Madrid, have influenced our interior design, where you can enjoy the best of coffees, be it a latte or expresso, mousses, cream, pastries, chocolates, fruits, tarts, croissants, sandwiches, crepes, and juices, and will be the pretext to partake a casual encounter, discover the day’s news, eat and so start or end the best of days..”

Best Prices

Bonjour is born as a sincere option, to give the customer the knowledge of a high-range product at a reasonable price.

In Bonjour you will find something special for any moment. From an appetizing breakfast to start the day well, to a good and healthy meal, to a delicious snack among family or friends.

Bon appétit