One of the most recognized products of the French pastry is the croissant. No doubt. When you think of France and its bakeries you think of a croissant. But do you know what makes a croissant a perfect work of art? Can you distinguish between a perfect piece of this emblematic French product and regular one?

Laurent Duchêne, who recently has been decorated as one of France’s top pastry makers, tell us some tips to bear in mind when analysing the perfect anatomy of a croissant. “A perfect croissant, it’s a very crispy one with a lot of puff pastry, and it smells a good taste of butter inside. A bad croissant is very soft, like a brioche, and you can’t have a very good smell of butter, it’s not creamy inside,” Duchêne says.

It takes a lot of time to make a good croissant, and according to Duchêne the butter is key. “Butter is very important for the croissant … and it gives the taste of the smoothness of the croissant.” Then comes the dough, which “should be made one day in advance, because she should mature overnight in a fridge to get all the flavor from all the yeast, and that’s very important first,” adds Duchêne.

In order to help you recognize the perfect croissant, here we point out 5 characteristics to look for:
1. Puffiness. A beautiful, perfect croissant is puffy because it is “feuilleté”, meaning that the dough has been folded over and over to create perfect buttery layers with air in between.
2. A lot of butter. The perfect croissant contain a lot of butter.
3. Crumbliness. Biting into it should result in a mess of crumbs, due to the perfect flakiness of the croissant.
4. A crunchy top. When you bite into the croissant, it should begin to break apart.
5. Layers. Look for the layers, lots of space, not flat and smooth.

The perfect croissant is not stiff and lifeless. It is airy, springy and puffy, and here in Bonjour we make them adding an extra secret ingredient… love, cause we feel passionate when baking one of our best selling bakery products.

Sources: A hedgehog in the kitchen/ Wamu.org

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