In a real French Pâtisserie the process of choosing a dessert is like the ladies one choosing an outfit in the morning. It has to do with the weather, the mood, the personal style, the taste, the speed of the wind and many other factors that are nor clearly determined. But at the end you feel you made your smarted decision in life, and nothing can take away the pleasure to enjoy your dessert bite by bite.

It is not only about how many options are there in the show-window, it is also the attractiveness of each one and the temptation of having all of them. But suddenly you recover your judgment and get back to the task to make a choice.

It is there anything more sensual than a Nut Framboise? Red, glossy in a shape of popular kiss chocolate. Or the shiny yellow of the pyramidal Mousse Passion with those ornaments in perfect combination?

The classical French Eclaire in its vanilla or chocolate version, full of cream inside. The never old-fashioned Chesse Cake with their tops of strawberry syrup that drips down the sides.

What about the Lemmon Pie, the Strawberry Tart, Fruit Tart or Chiboust Tart (appricot and raspberry pieces and cream brulé) for those aiming something fruity or a little bit sour? The freshness of these desserts invites for bigger portions.

For the most audacious there is the Baba Au Rhum with a touch of liqueur, or the Patissier’s invention Cherie with a mousse of “Bailiey” inside on a base of oreo cookies.

Chocolate lovers are neither going to feel disappointed. The galactical-looking Symphony, the Chocolate Terrine (for those loving chocolate in all its variations), the Royal (chocolate mouse and cocoa) and even the Opera are only some examples of available choices.

No matter if you arrived to Bonjour with your decision made or just started the journey of the process once you crossed the door, having the magical experience of tasting a Bonjour dessert is something you can repeat over and over with no regrets.

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