Holiday season is here and with that an aura of happiness and love everywhere! Do you feel it? We do. It is because in Bonjour Bakery Miami we are always full of joy thanks to the different scents that permeate our kitchen.


Wonderful things happen in our oven every day… hundreds of delicious desserts come out of there awakening our senses and feelings. Each one of the French desserts are really exquisite and the ones that have chocolate as main character are the favorite of many.


For us  chocolate means happiness, love and passion, and that is the feeling that we want you to take from our bakery once you enjoy a classic and crunchy Eclair, a creamy Royal or a delightful Sinfony.


Any one of them will make your day happy, your parties more memorable, and your stories more fun!


Come to our bakery and take a dosage of sweetness to your life, your dosage of happiness.


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