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In Bonjour you will find something special for any moment. From an appetizing breakfast to start the day well, to a good and healthy meal, to a delicious snack among family or friends.

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Ultimate dining experience like no other
It’s almost a fantasy to stand in front of a shop window adorned with sweets that speak of a tradition brought from far away, across a whole ocean so like the grandeur of France, the occidental cradle of pastry making.

From South America to Miami, a pioneer Frenchman and his group, leaving behind a legacy of experience and the development of new tendencies, decide to export all their work, confident that it will also become a new tendency in this great city.

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Bonjour is a fusion between a Bistro and a Pastry shop, where you are invited to enjoy a novel concept, High-End French Pastry, mixed with our exquisite daily specials.

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